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  • Charles Perrault

    Charles Perrault

    Mapping, data visualization, urban design, planning, pupusas, architecture @AKQA

  • Jorge Sanz

    Jorge Sanz

    Attending #FOSS4G!! · Cartography, geospatial techs, free software data and culture, learning, sharing, trolling and having fun here as much as I can

  • Tomas Straupis

    Tomas Straupis

  • Scott Russell

    Scott Russell

    Perpetual generalist prone to bouts of raging specialization.

  • Jon Christensen

    Jon Christensen

    Teaches at UCLA, is a partner at Stamen Design, and edits LENS Magazine at lensmagazine.org.

  • Wonyoung So

    Wonyoung So

    Data Visualization Designer / Passionate Road Cyclist.

  • Nickson Odieny

    Nickson Odieny

    Geospatial Specialist. The last thing we think of, the first thing we need, GIS!!

  • Dana Bauer

    Dana Bauer

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